U18 National Team Women (Dec)

Faceoff Leaders

Last update: 2019-11-13 08:29
Rk No NameTeam Pos GP FO W L FO%
122Yrjänen, KiiraFINLW31812666.67
216Blom, LovaSWECE331181358.06
315Havana, OonaFINCE3169756.25
411Tervonen, NeaFINCE337201754.05
510Hall, NicoleSWECE336181850.00
626Lindberg, MariaSWELW3189950.00
728Johansson, TheaSWECE321101147.62
822Nilsson, VilmaSWERW31991047.37
927Teräväinen, SatuFINLW3146842.86
1026Vartiainen, SanniFINCE31761135.29
1128Salonen, PauliinaFINCE31861233.33
Sorted by higher Face Off %, Face Offs Won and lower Games Played (Only players with an average of four or more face offs per game)
- Finland
- Sweden
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